Better Together

Today’s Training

Training 6.1.2020


10 minutes:
5 ea. Spider lunge (rotate both ways)
5 ea. Side-lying T-spine rotations
15 ea. Y + T + W
5 Hand-release push up + shoulder/knee taps
20 ea. 4-position Bridges
15 ea. Single-leg bridges
25 Hollow rocks
50 Jumping jacks

What Is Limitless

Limitless is a concept designed to improve strength and movement through custom programming led by Marc Sy-Santos, CSCS.

This is a strength program developed to fit your specific strength goals. It is a 12-week program with a minimum of 3 hour classes per week. That may be higher depending on your goals and availability. It takes into account what your objectives are and what your coach sees as necessary. You will have your separate strength protocol to follow during the strength portion of class, and in some cases, a modified option for the Conditioning.

Have a question? Or want to become Limitless?

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